July 22, 2012

Blogging Tip #6: Increase Blog's Traffic

       In this tip, your blog must have ads right? But now the problem is you have very few visitors. There's very low chance to earn from your ads. Now, the problem is you don't have good amount of visitors. In order to increase the number of your visitors or traffic, you need to consider the things listed below.

  • Promote Your Blog in Social Networking Sites/Forum
    You should join in some popular networking sites or forum. Share about your blog. Put some links whenever new posts are published. Make sure you have lots of followers or friends so there is a big possibility that a few of them will visit.
  • Create/Update a Post
    You need to update or create new posts. Your blog will be updated every time a new post or update has been done so make sure you have tons of ideas to be shared.
       Now, start promoting your blog.

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