October 30, 2011

How did they do that ?

All About Web Page

          Have you tried to ask yourself how a website came to be? When I was still young my sister is surfing the internet for my assignment and for me it was really great so I wonder, “How did they do that? My sister is just clicking and in just few seconds there are some changes in the monitor of the computer”. I really got confused with the improvement of the technology. When I graduated in high school, I decided that the course I’m going to choose must be related to computer studies and now I’m a Computer Science student.

         Now I realized that behind these web pages, there are lots of markup languages. Even a single simple page could have hundreds of characters or what we’ve commonly known as letters or numbers. I’ve research about web page and I’ve found out that markup language is composed of markup tags and these markup tags make up a web page. One of these markup languages is the HTML. HTML is a Hyper Text Markup Language. If you’re thinking of creating a web page right now, it would be great to study the basics of HTML like knowing on how to create markup tags. In creating a single web page using HTML, you need not to install anything. Just a simple notepad found in your computer is worth it. A couple of markup tags can create a single HTML document. Just make sure that upon saving it, the file extension would be .html to make it look like a web page or else it is still a piece of text.

          I’m not an expert about this but I just want to share the basics so that you’ll have a little bit knowledge about it. If you want to study more about HTML, you can found many websites on how to make a webpage.

It’s Halloween!

Halloween is a yearly celebration which is called Satan’s holiday but it’s not true. People celebrate Halloween to remind them the people they loved which are dead. I’ve read some articles about Halloween but unfortunately; there are many different ideas because no one really knows what Halloween is supposed to be, and how it came up. You maybe have different idea about Halloween but I won’t be arguing with you because that’s what you think it is and it’s all up to you.

Even if Halloween is a holiday which seems to be spooky, what’s great during this holiday is - having lots of great activities. One of these activities is costume party which I think the most popular activity during Halloween. It is an activity wherein people wear costumes and went to a Halloween costume party. If I am going to attend in this kind of costume party, I would probably wear a princess dress because I think that this would be the strangest costume during Halloween. Like most countries, during this event children wear some Halloween costumes and travels from house to house to ask for candies. Carving pumpkins for Halloween lanterns is also a great idea during Halloween. During this holiday, some group of people likes to visit haunted house or haunted areas. And if you’re planning to invite me, just expect me to answer “no” because It’s not a good idea for me. In this holiday, it is also a great idea to tell some scary stories. I can still remember one night during the last week of October few years ago, my family and some of our family friends were sharing scary stories outside our house and suddenly a dog staring at a tree few meters away from us howls strangely. My cousins shout and ran away which makes our neighbors looked at us. And the last activity which I think is great during Halloween is watching horror films. It is great to watch horror films but for me I think it is not because I can’t sleep well at night, I’d rather watch action films eating popcorn.

                How about you? What are your plans this Halloween?

October 27, 2011

Student Tips

Summer vacation is ending and my college days are coming. During that day, I felt afraid. Afraid of what will happen in my college days. Am I one of those students who only care for parties, hanging-out with the other students, skipping classes, and wasting time for such useless things? Am I the type of student who happened to be serious for my studies? Am I a nerd? Am I what? I’ve searched for many guides on how to succeed in college. I’ve gathered lots of opinions on how to succeed and I've formulated this tips:

Ø  Start studying now. As if you have a class every day. When I was in my secondary level, I used to say "I'll get started studying when school starts". But I realized that it is wrong. You need not to be enrolled in a subject to have the responsibility of studying. Set up regular study hours. You must allocate a time to study and do it daily. Studying everyday will help your mind mentally healthy.  Read. Choose anything you can read. Just read daily. Start keeping a daily calendar. This will help you manage your time.  Write constantly. Don't be afraid to write what's on your mind.

Ø  You must attend all your classes. Never try to skip classes. Once you've tried it, it can't be denied that you'll like to try it again. You could possibly miss assignments or left behind. I have a classmate before, he just ask me for my notes every time he is absent. Even if he had the notes, he still missed some of the unwritten explanations. You must have a goal of showing in the class 100%. Try to communicate with your teacher. Try to keep some notes from the other students. And double check the assignments and handouts.

Ø  Study your teacher as well as the subject. Many say that "Only the subject material matters". I strongly disagree. You must know the attitude of your teacher and how he delivers the topics in the class. This will help you out. Talking to the other students who had your teacher before is also a good idea. Listen to the discussions well and ask questions in the class if possible. Asking questions will help you learn more. Don't be afraid to talk to them. Remember that your teacher is also human.

Ø  Try to have a Group Study with your classmates which have the same interest with the subject. I thought that doing it alone is a good idea. But I found out that group study is much better. By the first few days, you need to create a group in order to survive. Group study will generate more ideas while brainstorming. Group can help measure which is better idea. Your group must set regular time and place in studying. Everyone in the group must be determined.

Ø  From the very first day of the class, you need to secure regular Study Habits. Before, I only study if I have an assignment. For me, studying is not a big deal. What matters most is your future job. I asked myself one day, "What will be my job in the future?” If I won't study, I won't learn. If I won't learn, I don't have a job. You also need to find what time in the day you learn best, is it during daytime or night time. Find a place to study, either in a crowded place or wherever you like.

Ø  Attitude will determine you success in college. What will you do with your skills and ability without a positive attitude? You need to avoid making negative comments about the course or the teacher. Think that your course is easy. Love your course as well as the teacher. You don't need to hurry. You need to hit the best.

Ø  Don't give up on your course. Don't think that you can't do it. If others can do it, so you can. Don't be afraid with your teacher. Just believe in yourself. Try to compare yourself with the others but don't be competitive. Note: Quitters never win, and winners never quit.

Ø  Lessons are learned from your mistakes. You need to learn from it, don't bother yourself. Have a sense of humor. Even great people fail. You need to keep moving forward. You need to remember, Failure is not a big deal, it is how you respond and learn from it.