December 30, 2011

Why Do People Keeps on Changing Their Phones?

          Every time I go down the street I met a lot of people and I've noticed that they have different phones. I went to the mall and saw many people looking at glass where different phones are displayed and most of it are the most popular ones. In a small office there are a lot of people who are having a registration for a promo where you are to choose a phone and plan for it on how you are going to pay for it. At school, lots of students keeps on changing their phones when there are new model of nice phones.

          Today, there are a lot of new model of phones that are released in the market. Most of this phones can function like a personal computer. The features of personal computer are there. Aside from sending message and calling, these phones includes taking photos, reading ebooks, watching videos, sharing files, playing music, playing games and surfing the internet which allows you to use your fingers to point the screen.  You can also install software to these type of phones. Like android phones that uses the Google-developed android system and platform, which I think is the nicest phone this time is really awesome. As I can see, these phones are the topic of most people. My friend is planning to buy one and still saving money for it. Most students likes to have an android phone. This phones are really awesome which makes the people change their phones. Most of them changed their phones because it is damaged and could not function well. But some people changed their phones because they don't want to be left behind. People want to use the technology in a smaller gadget like these phones. I also want to have one but I can't afford it. I'll buy it if I can earn money on my own. As long as I can contact my family and friends using my my phone is fine. If I have my own money I would probably change my phone. But I would make a research first about the phone before buying. hehe. 


December 1, 2011

Tangub City Fireworks Display 2011

          December is the most wonderful month for everybody. Many people spent their Christmas vacation in different places. During this month, you can feel the cold wind touching your skin. 

          Christmas Time in Tangub City is always celebrated with great happiness and colorful activities. This is possible because of the one of a kind display of indigenous and low cost giant Christmas Symbols at our City Plaza . Tangub City is also known as the Christmas Symbols Capital of the Philippines. Recent reports from the Department of Tourism indicated that Tangub City is included in their calendar of activities as one of the tourism destinations in the country during the ‘Christmas Season”. Every first of December, it is expected to see the wonderful and colorful fireworks display. Tourists came in by busloads every night in order to experience and witness these yearly event in a very native setting. Just this night, you can see around 15,000 people in the park. Tourists arrivals increased because of the unique interpretation and presentation of the different Christmas Symbols of various shapes and sizes displayed at our plaza and barangays, a really breathtaking sight to behold that catches everyone’s eye and imagination.

          Holaaa!.. What are you waiting for? Come and celebrate Christmas with us.
          Let's party... party...!