November 7, 2011

Online Games!

Computers are made to help the people save more time with his work, to communicate with the other people, for business either big or small, and to entertain people with music, videos, and computer games. Among these, computer games has the highest percentage of what the internet users really needs. In addition, computer games have bigger sales compared to other computer software. 

Computer games especially online games keeps on updating their games which makes the players eager to play it several times a day. Almost all of these games can be played for free and that's what makes it great. After downloading and installing the game, there you go, the game is now ready and you may start playing. The game is free to play and there are those things which will help you earn more power in the game and only a few of this are for free but you can purchase it also. I really don’t know why this computer games is so addicting. We just can’t deny it that once we try the game, we’ll try to find a way to play it again and we didn’t noticed that we’re addicted already. It’s really true. I’ve been addicted with computer games too. The game is really cool. When I feel that the game is getting harder, I tend to find another game and now I’m addicted with another game again. I just don’t know what’s with this online games and what makes them so addicting. I just don’t get it. I love playing online games because I found new friends from different countries and I also learn something that's why I forgot to eat my lunch sometimes. Grrr… I don’t think I’m hungry. I sleep late at night. Arrhhggg… My eyes are still awake and my body is not yet sleepy. Wake up early every day. Ahh… I need much time to play this. Oh! It’s time for school. Ohh… I’ll just skip the class, need more time with this game. This is really true. I’ve been to this before. You need not to be like this. You also need to take a break for yourself.

Playing online games is just fine but you need to remember not to spend all your time by playing. You also need to eat your lunch. Don’t skip classes. Take a break.

November 4, 2011

What are the Benefits of Photoshop?

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing about Photoshop and the benefit we’ll be able to get in using this application. But let me ask you first, “Are you interested in photo editing?”, “Do you know how to use Photoshop?”, “Are you interested on what benefits you could possibly get upon using this application?”. So if your answer is yes, let’s proceed.

Before I share the benefits of Photoshop, let’s first discuss what application is this. Photoshop is the leading image editing application. It is commonly used by photographers, graphic artist, designers and even common people like you. This application is composed of many tools you can choose to enhance your photo and make it more attractive. I admit that learning Photoshop is really hard especially when it is your first time. Before, I really don’t like to practice editing with this application but later on, I found out that it was really great editing photos. I think editing photos is fun and amazing. Actually, I had just started editing photos and I really want to dig more and learn deeper about this application. The picture above is the first photo I’ve created using Photoshop. I know it’s not that good but this is all I can share.

Did you know that using Photoshop gives you lots of benefits? Photoshop helps photographers, graphic artist, and designers to make their photo look wonderful. You can change the color of the photo as to black and white type, or make the clouds look wonderful, makes the ocean‘s color to blue, make the picture lively, and make it 3D with the help of Photoshop cs5 extended. The past versions of Photoshop are enhanced giving the user more features. Photoshop’s newer version has so many tools but it’s not necessary to memorize all of them because that’s impossible. One good thing even if learning Photoshop is quite hard, you’ll have a great benefit with it. Did you know that by making your own tutorial and publishing it, giving your own tips and techniques originally made by you, will make you earn money? There are few sites which offer this kind of job and you could really earn big amount of dollars. You maybe had a bad time practicing Photoshop but in exchange, it’s really worth it. Actually it’s not the kind of job that you are required to submit your tutorials at a given time, it really depends upon you.
So if you like to have a job like this, better get practicing now. You can download Photoshop here: click here

November 2, 2011

Anybody Can Create Website

Every day, people used to browse the internet. We used to visit lots of websites from one to another. Sometimes, we visit an amazing site and then suddenly something will come to our mind and end up thinking “How am I going to have my own website?” .

This is the question millions of internet users been asking for. It was the dream of every internet user; to create a website. But most of them don’t really know how to create a website. In fact creating a website is just simple and not a complicated thing. You can create a website even if you’re not a web guru or an expert in this field just to type complicated codes. Aside from writing codes to create website, there’s another way of creating a beautiful website. All you need to do is to follow the steps below:
  • Register a domain name
  • Register with a web hosting service provider
  • Connect your domain to web hosting provider
  • Create your website without using HTML code
The four (4) steps I’ve listed above is just a simple and easy way of creating website.

If you are really interested in creating a website using HTML code, you can practice it online too. There are a lot of websites you can choose to learn HTML coding. You can also purchase ebooks about creating website using HTML in many online stores. I would recommend buying ebooks even if it cost you to spend money but surely you will learn a lot in a reasonable price.

November 1, 2011

How I Use Facebook

Today, most of the people are engaged with social networking. One of the most popular social networking sites is Facebook. According to the Company’s Statics, there are about 800 million active users. Almost all countries can connect with Facebook making the people/users to connect every day.
Facebook is not like other social networking site which has very high graphic design as their template because its main purpose is to make people connected. I used Facebook to communicate with my friends away from me. I like using Facebook because I can easily see the latest updates about my friends. I can share to them what I am feeling by simply posting it in my status bar. It offers me unlimited posting of photos or videos as long as it is not pornographic. Facebook also offers the companies, organizations, etc. to create their own page without any fee. Big companies have benefits with Facebook too because they can place their advertisements in Facebook. Even though it requires some payment, but their payment is worth it. For example, I am using Facebook and there is an advertisement which attracts me so I would probably click the ads and read about it even if I do not know about that product/company before. Even if their purpose is just to make their clients updated, they also make the other people know them. This gives more benefits to the companies. Facebook also offers lots of games. There are times when I feel so bored that's why I play their games too. There are thousands of games you can choose without leaving Facebook. In Facebook, I found new friends too. I make friend with a Romanian and it was really great. For me, Facebook is created to make communication in easy way.

So..., stay connected…