January 31, 2012

Take Surveys

          Did you know that you can take surveys online? Well, if it is the first time you've heard about it then it's much better for you take a research about it because you would probably be left behind. There are two things which makes me take surveys online and these are to contribute my opinion and earn money from it.

  • Contributed My Opinion
              The main purpose of making a survey is to know the opinion of a particular group of people. Taking some survey is really great because it allows you to contribute your own opinion through answering the given survey. It is a great opportunity to be one of their respondents. So be sure to take it seriously because it may offer changes the situation of something.

  • Earn Money From It
              Today, people likes to find for anything that will make them earn money online. One way to earn money online is through taking some survey. There are a lot of websites which says to pay you for taking surveys. But be sure to register with the legit one. It won't give you much amount of money but it's worth it. 
As of this time, I've joined some survey site but have not tried if it really pays but there are a lot of good feedback about the site. You can click here and a new tab will be opened. Try it yourself too.


January 23, 2012

Need Tutor OR Get Paid to Tutor

          The growing technology is offering us lots of benefits to help us in so many ways. We used computers to help us in our work and assignments. One thing that I really appreciate using the internet is it's capability to ask for help or earn money from it. Of course, you need your brain to work but the payment they'll offer is really worth for your job. There are some legit websites which you can ask somebody to help you and you must pay for his work in exchange, you can also answer their questions and get paid for doing it for them. The following are the things I've noticed in most of this type of website.

  • Get Tutor
           You can post your question online along with a bounty. Your question will be shared with the rest of the members and offer them your bounty for a tutorial. Another user will find your question by searching or browsing. They'll write up a great tutorial and made a bid on your bounty. You can then see few parts of each provided tutorial as a preview. If you like it, you can buy it and then it will be stored in your list of tutorials bought for your own future needs. And you can also rate the maker of the tutorial you've bought and leave a feedback. You can also search for tutorials to get and answer instantly and if you've found what you're looking for, then you can buy it.

  • Get Paid to Tutor
        Users can post questions to the website to seek for help in different fields of study. They offer a bounty for the tutorial that will teach or solve their problem. You can find their question by searching or browsing questions in the Questions Page. You can write up a great tutorial for the question in their website and the amount of payment you'd like for your work. The question owner can see a preview of your tutorial. If somebody will buy your tutorial then of course you'll received a payment in your account. You can also make your own discussion and get paid if somebody will buy it.

          There are a lot of options you can choose in different online tutoring websites. I've also join a website to help others. Some of this websites will pay you through Paypal when you reach their minimum payout.  If you need a tutor or you want to get paid to tutor, you can click here. As far as I've accomplished in my life even in this age, I've earned  some dollars for my tutorials and get positive ratings. I only choose those question that I know I can answer properly and is related in the area of my studies. I want to get good ratings and gain a good reputation from other members. You can find different websites with this type of program but it's really hard to find a legit one. If you wish to start tutoring and get paid or need a tutor, you'd better start searching for website which you think is legit. I hope it will help you in your online life and learned something about online tutor.

January 22, 2012

Online Forum

Most of the computer users this time seek for advice in many different aspects. And now, online forum is created to make it easy. Some people want to know other people's opinion about gadgets, problems, and many more. Joining in an online forum would be great. It will enable you to learn something from other people around the world. It adds up knowledge and will let you hear opinions about anything from different cultures with different views of life around the world.

 In some online forum, you are only to discuss something that relates to computer. It could be about the software or in hardware. Some is for parents who like to share opinions about the life as parent or asking questions how to raise their child properly. In some forum, you are allowed to discuss about anything. But one thing makes them the same with the other is; you're allowed to start a discussion about anything freely. You also need to use the international language in some forum. There is also some online forum which pays you for using their site. You could earn from those site by participating in the discussions, posting your photos, and doing some tasks. And this makes online forum helpful. You can earn lots of benefits by just joining and participating.

            Joining in an online forum offers many benefits with the computer users. I also joined in an online forum because I can ask opinion from other people. I can share about my problems and ask for guidance from other members. I can share my own opinion and ideas too. I can make a new discussion to guide other people and help them about the things that I know. Most of the users are really cooperative and is willing to help you and explain the things to make it clear for you. It enables us to communicate with other people around the world and learn something from them. I can recommend one online forum which I think you may like: click here . I hope that you've understand how important joining an online forum is.

January 21, 2012

Reasons Why People Commit Suicide

      I always wonder why a person commits suicide. I keep on thinking about it and as I observed, people commits suicide because of failure. There are so many reasons why they commit suicide but if we'll look deeper at that reason, it is always still because of failure. Failure is always the reason why a person makes suicide. I formulated some reasons to make it specific why failure leads to suicide.

  • Failure to Attain the Expectations of the People You Love
              Failure in attaining what other people expects from them may cause suicide. Like some of the nursing students who failed to pass the board examination would likely to make suicide because they did not achieved what their relatives expect from them. Most of the youths who have not given what others want them to, would probably be afraid with the circumstances. 
  • Failure to Solve Secret Life's Problems
              These people may have failed with something and wants to ask for advice but don't want to tell anybody because they're afraid that somebody will know about it. Secret problems in life like pregnancy during your college days will sometimes leads to suicide. People who made these things are mostly not on the right age and don't know what to do after doing a mistake. These people don't know where to lean on. They want to seek an advice but for them, there's no other way to solve this but by committing suicide.
  • Committed a Crime 
              Failure to get what they want and would like to make revenge is also a victim of suicidal thing. I'm not referring to those people who really make crime because they just like it. But, I'm referring to those people who accidentally made a crime. Maybe something had pushed them to do it that's why they are eager to make a crime. But when the crime is already done, they will suddenly realize that they have done something wrong. At this time, their mind is in deep struggle that they would probably cut their own life. 
  • Situation in Life
              People who are thinking that they got nothing left or don't have any reasons of living will mostly commit suicide. These kinds of people are those people who failed with their business. Those people must have lots of debts and they don't know what to do anymore. And doing suicide will make their debts be paid.

Failure isn't a big deal. Why will you give up on your life because of failure? There are so many wonderful part in life you will miss. We need to live like a soldier. Even if we felt emptiness, we need to fight for it and be a winner. We need to see the positive side and look for the light to get back on the right path. We need to learn from our failures. Because this failure will makes us stronger. 

January 20, 2012

Tips To Have a Good Relationship in the Family

        This time, most of the children are spending lots of time for their social life. Most of our time are spent with our friends, internet, computers, television, and other gadgets. Most of us have forgotten our real lives. This socialized life could probably changed the relationship between the family and this usually occurs with the teenagers. I've formulated this tips to help the parents and the children to keep a good relationship:

  • Put God in Your Heart
             First thing to do to have a good relationship in the family is to put God in your heart. Putting God above anything will make your life happy. Your life is totally awesome and complete with God.

  • Have an Open Forum
            The whole family should have an open forum every night if possible. This will make the family members become opened with the family and will help to have a close family ties. This will enable the youths to build trust and gain confidence to share what's in their mind. It will also help the young ones to ask for advice from their parents. It helps the family members learn everything about life from their parents that has lots of experience about life.

  • Plan for Recreational Activities
             It is good to plan for some recreational activities at least once a week. Having some fun in playing some outdoor games is good. Having some sort of picnic in grassy place. Swimming at the beach or in the pool. Summer vacation at the beach during sunny vacation.  Joyride in the mountains and other stuff would be fun. Bicycle riding when the sun rises or watching the skies at night.  

  • Say "I Love You" to Your Family Members
             Saying this word to any of the family member will be hard during the first time. But remember, first  time of doing anything is the only hard thing. After that, it will be easy to say it. But you need to say it from your heart.

  • Family Members Must Cooperate Always
            Everyone in the family should cooperate. Everyone must have a contribution in everything.