May 30, 2012

Online Bidding!

     What is online bidding? Let's define first what the word "bid" means. Bid is the highest price that a buyer must pay for an item when no one will give a much higher price before the given time ends.

     There are two websites which I can recommend for bidding. Pisobid or Triple Clicks  are two sites I trust when it comes to online bidding. These type of websites will prompt you to buy their bidding currency for a particular price or asks you to deposit some money to your account used for bidding. Their bids do not cost too much especially when you buy it in bulk. You may used Paypal, Credit Cards, or other money transfer method. When they have successfully received your payment, you will now be able to bid on some products. The bidding price starts with the default value of $1.00 or Php 1.00 in our Philippine currency. Most of the items they auctioned are really expensive and will surely encourage you to buy bids. Sometimes, they will auctioned some smart phones, android phones, laptops, gift cards, and many other stunning items.  Sometimes, these websites offers some promo or tasks and will give you free bidding currency which can be used for bidding. Yikes! Free bids? That's great! Imagine winning great items for just a penny. What are you waiting for? Hurry and visit those websites before it's too late. I'm sure you'll have much fun there.

May 11, 2012

Typing Captchas!

       Hi there. Do you know what is captcha? I know you've encountered this already but didn't know what it really is. Captcha are images which contains letters and or numbers used to verify an action and to make sure that the action is made by a person not by a robot. The word captcha is based on the word 'capture' and an acronym which stands for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart".  This is an example of captcha:

          Users type this word in the space provided. In the other end, there are humans who also type this code  called Human Solvers. If both the user and the solvers has the same input, then the user can now continue with his work. There are companies which hires you just to type this word. You're being paid from $0.80  to $1.25 for every 1000 captcha images you've solved depending on the time. Some people earns a lot by just typing captchas. But you need to be careful with this work. You should not make a lot of mistakes or what they call as "garbage". Entering text that doesn't resembles the images like 'asdgfg' will be considered garbage which will lead to suspension and will not pay you a single penny for it. You must work with your heart with patience if you'll enter with this type of job. I can recommend a site which pays you for typing captcha images. You can click here to register and enter this invitation code to fully register. Type any of this from 212E, 212F until 212N. You can't continue your registration without these codes. Practice your typing skills to type more captcha images. Remember, more words means more earnings.

May 4, 2012

Article Writing

         Through browsing the web, I found out that there are a lot of people who seeks for online job. Few of them wants to write articles and publish it online but still searching for another job because they're afraid to join the site since they're not much sure if it is legit.

        To be able to know or ask the opinion from others, I've join in a forum to talk about the things I want to know from others. Upon joining a forum and reading some articles, I've found some website which has good feedback and really pays. Some of them are Postloop, IWriter, Triond, TextBroker, Squido, Bukisa, HubPage, MyPage5 and etc. I've tried some of them but I'm not that good in writing that's why I decided to stop. Some of these website requires you to work in a particular time. Some requires you to select a particular area where you're really good at. Some requires that your mother tongue should be English because they are much more fluent and much good speakers. In some website, there are employers who wants to hire you to write a given topic in 300 or 500 word count or even more. And your payment will depend on the employer's offer or your own article price. In other website like Triond, you can write whatever you want and you still need to wait the Triond's team review your article if it is good and will publish it if it qualifies the standards. You can earn money from Triond by posting some ads. If writing is really your hobby, then you'd better get started. It's never been too late.

        One thing you need to remember, always write an original article. Because if you don't, maybe one day you'll find yourself inside the jail.

        The weasel abides.