October 29, 2012

Free $10 for Signing Up

          It's been long since the last time that I made a post in this blog. I'm really busy with my studies.  Now, here I am again to share something that could spice things up if it does work.

          I subscribed to someone's blog because I like her posts and I trust most of her posts. Every day, I read my mail and check if there is something nice to read. Today, I found an update about a new post in her blog. I got so interested and I guess I should share it straight. 

          A certain blogger has been a member of a particular website(a website she trust) and that's why she was informed about their new earning site. The site is called RefBan (Referral Banners). RefBan is giving away $10 during their pre-launch. RefBan will formally launch early this 2013 so be sure to sign up as early as possible. You will earn by just displaying banners (still under construction). There are still some things that are not yet finished. Because I had some doubts, I checked it first at mywot.com to know their background base on the feedback of other users. And since it looks fine so I signed up but I'm not that sure. Go check it yourself if you have some doubts too. As far as I've scanned, the site is fine and I guess you won't lose anything if you sign up. What you need to do now is to sign up with this RefBan link ... Have a nice day and enjoy!